I like mud.

I am so happy when I see my little man get dirty. This is quite the opposite response I would have had just a year ago, but so much has changed in my life and in the life of our family. It began to be troubling when I would see Finn freak out when the tiniest bit of sticky would get on a finger. He would want to change his clothes if they seemed dirty to him. I was breeding OCD into his life. Little did I know that when I would quickly wipe off anything with a antibacterial hand wipe or explain in detail what a germ is that I would suck out any desire from him to engage in any normal little “boy” activities like digging or carving a jack-o-latern or even just eating a toasted marshmallow fresh off the campfire. I didn’t see that by dutifully carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer and applying it every time he would touch something “questionable” or holding him over public toilets so he wouldn’t even brush against them that I was actually not letting a kid just be a kid. If you are a mom who does what I just described I am sorry if this sounds judgmental of me, but I really did take it to an unhealthy level, and he knows more than the average three year old about bacteria and the worst of what it can do to you. As extreme as I was in building this into him I had to work even harder to phase it out. And we are still working at it. It has taken some smearing of several lollypops all over my face and singing “Sticky Monster” in a silly voice plus a few heart to hearts to get him comfortable enough to want to dig a hole in the dirt. A few days ago I captured this rapturous moment, which I call a huge win.

I can’t look at it without smiling, and so I have made it my desktop background pic to enjoy all day long. I don’t just like it; I love it.


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