I make cakes.

I had no idea that when I wanted to make a kick-booty cake for my son’s first birthday that it would lead me to be a cake maker, but it has.


What started with boxed cake mixes and some homemade marshmallow fondant has turned into a bit of a side business. Granted, I am not making actual money by doing this, but that is the eventual hope.Image

I graduated to 3D with this baby. Thank you online tutorials. I do not like repeaters, although this one I did have to make twice. I love a challenge and really want them each to be custom-made. I made a bunch for friends and family, and then others asked for them, then they started to pass my number around. It really did come about organically, and I am enrolling in a food and safety course at a local trade school come next term so I can kick it into an even higher gear. The highest gear I have shifted into it is taking on the one and only wedding cake I’ve tackled and it was a doozy of the best kind. Here is the ice-breaking monster-of-a-cake.


Not to brag or anything, but it came together rather well. Ok, I am bragging a bit. But I was proud to be asked and proud of the cake. It gave me the confidence I need to put myself out there. Wedding cakes freak me out. Bake shops have a full staff of people they can call on if anything goes awry. Whereas for me – the buck stops here. That kind of responsibility is daunting. But I can now say that I do wedding cakes.

And here is the latest. Some dry ice and melted gummies helped bring this dino/volcano cake alive. I love this stuff.Image

So if you are in the Wollongong or Sydney area and need a cake…

To see more check out http://www.facebook.com/CakesByKell


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