Gotta love the beach.


Ok, so this wasn’t the most successful trip to the beach. It started nice enough, pictured here. Finn wanted to be buried straight away. Téa was into exploring in the sand. Then the wind picked up and started to blow the sand into eyes and the temp dropped, so it stopped being as fun. We packed up shortly after, and I took Finn to a grassy knoll for him to ride around on his bike when a magpie swooped on him, pecked his head, and thoroughly ruined our afternoon. I guess this isn’t so rare in Australia during the Spring, but it was def a new one for us. Poor Finn. He is so safety conscious already. This did him in, and he was asking to go back to Malaysia where there are nice birds, suggested a relocation project for the naughty birds, and then went as far as to talk about killing them (my fault as I mentioned hitting that one with a bat for hurting my little boy). But he seemed ok after a long explanation of how the birds are just protecting their house and babies, and that Finn looked so dangerous because he is such a speedy racer on his bike. Now we know…

Other than that, we still really do actually love the beach. 🙂




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