I dig sugar cookies.

I have just gotten into decorating sugar cookies as an alternative to cakes. I find more people like cookies than cake. In fact, my husband is a major cookie guy as well as my dad. These are some of their favs. Sweet sugary goodness. Who doesn’t like sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar? The fondant method is definitely easier, but I think royal icing tastes better. Here are some fondant covered painted rugby footballs I made for a dinner after the guys in the group went to see a Dragons game.


Something cool that happened is that the team captain was retiring and playing his last game that night, and a couple who came to dinner knew the captain and his family. So they took a few cookies to them in honor of their last game. 🙂

A friend’s daughter also just had her 4th birthday party this past weekend. Instead of a cake order I had a cookie order. I totally dig doing these cookies, so it was my pleasure to do some colorful girly 4th birthday party cookies.



Because I much prefer the decorating part of making tasty goodies, sugar cookies are my new favorite project. I am looking for the next excuse to do a batch of these. Anyone, anyone?


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    • OF COURSE! Even bought a cutter specifically for it. 🙂 I was thinking a combination of polka dots and stripes in purple, green, pink, white? I hit the jackpot with cutters at a small cook supplies shop in Corrimal while picking up my new glasses – a guitar, dino, car, train, kangaroo, and even one shaped like Australia! 🙂 By the way, how old will Ella be?

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