Finn & His New Bike

So, Finn has been riding what they call a Balance Bike or Run Bike for the past year and half. It has no pedals, but it does have two wheels. So it is low enough to the ground to run and put your feet up on a platform and coast. The idea is that it teaches kids to balance before learning to pedal – instead of the classic training-wheeled approach.

Well, Frank came back from Fiji, and it seemed an appropriate time to drop a big fat present on Finn from his dad. Finn was ecstatic! Frank assembled it without adding the pedals and let Finn have a go in our backyard to get a feel for it. A little while later he put on the finishing touches, and we headed off to the park. We unloaded and went out to a field in case of an instant crash and burn. Frank gave him a push, and off he went! We were able to head immediately over to the running track and forsake the “grassy landing pad.” And to my shock and amazement Finn can officially ride a bike.



Check out “Super Dad” carrying a daughter while pushing his son…


And off he goes…


I think Téa had an adventure too! 🙂 Check out her face…


Happy Bike-Ridin’ Boy!



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