Ella’s 6th

So I finally had another excuse to make sugar cookies, a dear friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday. I found this cute vintage copper, but a tad bit expensive, teapot cutter at Domayne after I was told that the theme would be a tea party! I just had to splurge. Then I tried a few different techniques that I’ve been reading about. I could not afford the time and energy to pipe one layer and let it set for 24 hours to then pipe another overtop, so I just winged it. They did not come out perfectly as a result (lines a little smudgy), but all-in-all they were pretty darn cute and a little more than edible!


Sugar cookies are truly an art unto themselves. Just google them, and you will see what I mean. Everyone has their own sure-fire tried-and-true recipe and a whole set of their own tips and tricks to share. I am a long way off from that, but I am learning as I go.

A few tweaks I did discover are: 1. When you run the toothpick through the piped lines to get the swirly effect don’t go all the way through to the cookie – just run it over the top otherwise you can get a “valley-ing” effect. 2. Parchment paper piping bags suck. I’m sure people would fight me tooth-and-nail on this one, but they are not for me. It either came out the back because I didn’t secure it well enough, or it soaked through the paper at the tip and made for messy lines, and the worst part was having to stop and make another one when I ran out of icing – it was even more mess and trouble to try to refill these babies. I’m sure some of the trouble came in my lack of technique in making them to begin with, but no thank you anyway. I will obviously need to go invest in some disposable or reusable piping bags. 

It was all worth it though. I think these are really fun and yummy looking.Image


I was also asked to do the cake. I had some silicone cupcake moulds on-hand for future Téa parties (get it, a Tea for Téa) so I thought a tea party table setting would be fitting and fun. I was sad to see that the focus on my camera was a bit off, but you get the picture. Here she be.Image

Sugarpaste roses on lollypop sticks and a draped fondant table cloth – it was simple, to-the-point and, from what I heard, super yummy. (Thank you, Naomi, for the recipe for this Black Magic Chocolate Cake. It’s a winner.)

I stopped to drop off the goodies and the venue was simply gorgeous! (Great job, Meg!) Seriously every little girl’s dream birthday party and a lot of adorableness going on as all the girly guests were adorned in their best frocks. So cute! Maybe I will see if I can get some pics of it all put together. Have I mentioned I love this stuff?!


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