The Sugar Cookie Quest

I am on a quest. A quest to find the most awesome sugar cookie combination – best recipe (and fail-safely easy) and most awesome icing. So far I have tried the what I like to call Pain-In-The-Butt-Overnight-Crunchy-Yummy-Method, the Rolled-Out-Hour-Long-Refrigerated-Flop, and the Powdered-Sugar-Wonder-Cookie. As you can see the latter takes the cake, or should I say takes the cookie…so far. Thank you Sweet Sugar Belle. I actually cannot speak highly enough about this recipe – quick, easy, and you can bake it on-the-spot instead of having to wait. My ONLY gripe is that I prefer a more crunchy cookie, but this one bakes up so nice and keeps its form so well that I can compromise a bit on texture.

As for icing, I’ve been through the Quick-Fondant-Solution, the Read-Made-Royal-Icing-Grocery-Mix, and several Powdered-Egg-White-And-Icing-Mixture-Classics. I will next try a recipe that includes Cream of Tartar and let you know how it goes. I will say that the fondant method looks the neatest (as I am still sharpening my piping skills) but does not taste as good, in my humble opinion. The store-bought one dries nice and crunchy and is OK tasting, but is a more expensive option. The classic powdered sugar with egg white powder (I am WAY too worried about salmonella to use fresh eggs, and I have pregnant friends) tastes pretty good but did not dry as fast as the store-bought kind (it is still pretty soft a day later), and the meringue powder I used was a little too eggy for my liking (and is also four bucks a pop!). I shall quest on. In the meantime, here is one batch of the powdered sugar ones I made during my experimentation…

But seriously, if you are a cookie appreciator, there are many a wonderful cookie artists out there that I am in awe of currently. Check out these ladies – my cookie gurus (and please try not to compare – I am a cookie-in-cookie-training)…

Sweet Sugar Belle



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