The Solution!

Finn urgently called me into the living room/dining room two days ago to tell me something of the greatest importance. I rushed in to hear the epiphany.

He said so emphatically that I could literally see the biggest brightest lightbulb turning on in his little sweet brain, “Mommy, they could SHARE the eggs!” And this is what he had set up on the table in front of him.


He was so pleased with and proud of himself for having figured out a solution to the Bad Piggy/Angry Bird saga. Now seriously people, could this kid be ANY cuter?!?


I think not…






2 responses

  1. It appears I must catch up in the knowledge of angry birds and bad piggys…sigh.
    It is an amazing thing to see their little hearts grow with the good in life. He had a moment of deep goodness and understanding, and I pray he grows in it every day! love his mind, but most of all, I LOVE his heart. How I miss you guys!

  2. Finn is a smart cookie! I really enjoy talking with him the other day! He’s a fine boy! He amazes me, especially setting that all up and figuring it all out with the birds! He is a special boy whom I love dearly!!

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