Projects, projects, projects

So I’ve hit a lull. No cake orders till December?!? No occasions for cookies. No recent video projects for our org. I just finished helping to translate a Keynote pres into Indonesian (well, made a valiant attempt and then passed it on to an Indonesian friend to do it right). 🙂 I finished editing the documents my husband asked me to proofread. So…now what?

Yes, being a full-time mom is full-time, but I have also found out that I have a creative itch of sorts that no matter how much I scratch is still there. TERRIBLE analogy, because it actually does bring me a lot of joy and is seriously fun for me to do, unlike scratching an annoying never-ending itch. But the analogy is not completely off-based, because this “itch” is unbelievably nagging and always in the back of my mind, no matter what I am doing. Add to that, I am completely and totally a “project person”. If you give me a million little things to do, they will all get halfway done. Give me one ginormous project and a deadline, and it will get done (albeit at the last possible minute). So what does this all mean for me today? Well, I have a bunch of little projects that are half-done around my house – so I can stay busy doing something creative, but none of these are finished. Sad face.

Here is a package for our God-daughter and family who live in Malaysia that has been sitting in our house, mostly ready to get sent. (In case you read this Ruth, we think about you all the time and miss you tons! I’m so sorry this is not sent. If I don’t get to the post office soon, the outfit we got for Hannah won’t fit! &%$#@)


And here are some paper mache Angry Birds Space for my son’s 4th birthday party…IN DECEMBER!


Now in my defense, if I actually want to pull off making enough of these to play a life-sized version of the game, and each of them require like 12 layers of mache, then I do need a significant lead-time on this one. Although 2-and-a-half months is probably more than a little silly.

And here are some wooden letters that I have been meaning to decorate for my niece in Honduras. Her birthday was in August, so, ya, I’m crazy late on this one. For anyone who actually reads this, can you help me choose one of these. I can’t make up my mind…


So those are just some of the half-baked projects spread across my house. My husband is an incredibly patient man, as he often has to maneuver and do life amidst the chaos of hot glue and sugar. Thanks, Babe.

That’s all for now. Maybe I’ll go finish one of these things!


5 responses

  1. My 2 cents: finish the Josie project because it’s really late. I’m just like you in that I have a million little projects constantly half made and in my mind to start/finish. I like the first Josie option better (ok so that was 4 cents total). Also we would like your addess so we can finally mail Tea’s bday present 🙂 We love you!

  2. I’m starting Penny’s party too! And her party is going to be a very tiny affair so I don’t think starting Finn’s party now is too early:). And I like the first Josie with the flowers. Love you.

  3. I triple the like on the 1st Josie…and I was thinking Em would be the one to weigh in on this as a final pick :). Now I can say my like and like that she liked it too :D.
    And on the creative bent babes…I was thinking about you yesterday in my quiet time and in the car on the way home from taking Dad to the airport, and those were my very thoughts about you…You HAVE to create! It is at your very core! I love that about you, because everything you create is so beautiful and well-done, not mediocre but excellence!!! That’s your “glory” stamped on you :D, and that’s what you’re living out of (preposition at the end of a sentence */). Love you babes, and praying and thinking over you!

  4. Miss you millions too. Took a short trip to Singapore this weekend- i told everyone it was a test for seeing how flying with three is, just incase there was someone a little bit further away we needed to visit 🙂 the verdict – traveling with three has its moments but I reckon there would be some diffent kinds of moments to outweigh them if we did travel again 🙂 xxxxx

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