Silly Sightings That Bring a Smile

Here is a smattering of pictures that I’ve taken in the past week, as well as a few from a couple of weeks ago thrown in – some silly sightings around our house. I hope they bring a smile to you, as they surely do to me.


I love how Téa was “veggin’ out” during Brave Little Toaster.


Image I was hanging with the kids in the neighbors yard, and after I helped Finn down from the trampoline I turned around to find Téa had disappeared under some bushes. 🙂

She has also developed a new obsession with these goggles. They can usually be found backwards down around her eyes, blurring her vision (as in the first pic of this post). She really loves them for some reason…


In the Finn camp, he has taken to asking for drinks with a straw and an umbrella. We’re still not sure where this idea came from. 🙂Image

He also now lets me take pictures of him without grimacing. But he often will only allow it if he can make funny faces. This, apparently, is a funny face.Image

And he is the one who asked me to cut his food into bear shapes. I jumped on it, a kid after my own heart.

And here is another funny face.


Téa’s funny face is BIG eyes and raised eyebrows! Soooo hilarious. Image

So just some silly sightings for today. I can’t wipe the silly smile off my face even as I post these. Crazy kids.


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