More Adventures in Sugar Cookies

I have had some fun lately. One of my son’s favorite people on the planet, his friend Isaiah, turned 4 over the weekend. He is almost as equally obsessed with Disney Cars as Finn is, so I tried my hand at some Cars cookies. I was in a bit of a time crunch, so I did all the colors at the same time instead of letting each layer dry separately, and I also wasn’t super careful with the consistency of icing, so I did end up with gloppy bits, but I was still pleased with the outcome. It was fun to see all the kids pic them up and play with them as cars before devouring them. Image

The Maters were fondant cutouts. I thought that would be easier, but it ended up being tricky trying to cut out all the different places I wanted to use different colors – eyes, mouth, lights, so I turned to royal icing for Lightning and Doc.Image

Then our good friend Beavan turned 30 yesterday. He is an pilot in Australia, is a bit of a Masterchef, and loves to golf – thus we ended up with planes, golf greens, and plates of gourmet food.Image

I really had a great time with these. I got to incorporate a bunch of elements and techniques. For the map of Australia I used a marbling effect…ImageFor the plate of food I modeled the carrots and base out of candy corn fresh off the plane from the US, which my mom brought out. The meat was a Milky way bar. The silverware and plate were made out of fondant, and the rest was royal icing bits. ImageThe golf greens provided a fun way to incorporate candles. And I happened to have some great sprinkles that worked perfectly for the balls.ImageThe airplane was a copy from Topsy Turvy’s site.Image

And at the last minute some brown sugar was thrown on for the sand trap.ImageI struggled a bit with the “plating” of the food. I wanted it to look fancy and authentic. It was missing something until my husband offered the suggestion to smear some red sauce along the side of the plate, and “Voila!” a plate of gourmet food.Image

At the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, the best part of making these sweet things is the smiles they bring to the people we love. Happy Birthday Isaiah and Beavan!


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