Oh, Christmas Tree


We drove to a place called Santa’s Farm in Albion Park to find our Christmas Tree on an extremely hot Australian summer’s day this year. It was truly a family adventure! We had a grand plan of making a great family memory, but this did not turn out to be so.

The tall itchy grass really made Finn quite frustrated and cranky (his words as he watches me type this post). The pickin’s were quite slim. Literally – the trees were actually really slim, so we wandered around for a long while to find the perfect tree. We then decided we had to just find one that was respectable.

Here Téa points one out she likes. We would have snapped it up just for the fact that she latched onto it, but it was a bit small and a little to Charlie Brown for her Mommy’s taste.

SONY DSCSONY DSCShe didn’t seem to hot and bothered, though it was hot – VERY HOT! So we finally found one we thought we could make work for us. And Daddy took a saw to it.

SONY DSCBut here was my favorite part…

Funnily enough, the best part of the whole outing was after the tree was packed up and ready to go. We got an over-priced cold drink and found some shade, while our kids found some friends.



Someone who didn’t turn out to be such a friend was this guy. She wasn’t as freaked out as Finn was at her age, but she is definitely trying to make a break for it.

SONY DSCWell, all in all the day was a success because we returned home with a tree and a lesson learned. Next year we will go to Bunnings (an Australian equivalent of Home Depot).

That night we decorated. Here are Finn’s decorative touches. Everything but the kitchen table got stuffed under the tree, and, yes, perfectionist Mommy left it there…at least until we found a leak and HAD to take it out to dry it out. Too cute!

SONY DSCIn the end, Finn LOVED decorating it and was quite happy with how it all turned out. Here is a super-jazzed Finn.





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