Paper Wedding Topper

I was honored again to be asked to do a wedding cake. I say this because I take the responsibility very seriously and know how big a deal it is to entrust a cake-of-a-lifetime to someone. This one was new and different for me in that the details were in the paper toppers. I had to special order a cutout of their names, and then, as per the bride’s request, cut out a layered bride and groom with a razorblade knifey thingy. Here they be…

SONY DSCAnd here is the finished cake. I was not there to put it together, so the people at the venue took care of that, and they took the liberty of adding an extra layer of flowers between the two tiers. It wasn’t what the bride specified, but she didn’t seem to mind in the end and was very happy with the overall cake. And, yes, the groom is wearing a football helmet. 🙂

Steve + Nat-637


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