Australia Day!

I wish I would have taken pics at Australia Day. I stole this one from a friend’s Facebook because I was just. that. jazzed!


Yes, we dressed up. And yes, we were the only ones. (Frank is in a cape behind me, and Finn had a horn and a blow-up finger.) But we were seriously into it, and I think it was appreciated…I think. 🙂 We are really so happy to be in Australia for our first Australia Day. And here were the cookies I made in celebration of it.



I took a platter to the party, a platter to another friend’s BBQ lunch, and one last one to Salt Church on Sunday. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love this stuff! I am a sucker for festivities. Bring on the next holiday!


4 responses

  1. Hey Kel, you ROCK MY WORLD GIRLFRIEND. You have taken your “cakes and decorating” to a whole new level. So fun to remember all that you have done and how you have grown to fabulous artist. I love seeing you and your family. And you look so fun at your first Australia Day party. I celebrate with and for you as well. We love you from here, my fam damily to yours. YOU GUYS ARE FABULOUS. Hugs and kisses to you all. I can also almost taste your amazing iciing and cakes from here. I miss them. Maybe we gotta come out to beautiful Australia just to have some more. Miss you guys. Hugs and love. Jodi and my crew.

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