Sick and Rainy.

What to do when it’s yucky outside?Image


ImageThen when it finally clears up, but we’re sicky and stuck inside? Again, kids are masterminds at coming up with ways to kill time.

I thought it would be fun to put on our bubble machine, Finn got frustrated when they started popping in his eyes, and what was his answer to this dilemma?…Image

HE came up with this! Genius.

When the toolbox came out the fun began, and it was time to figure out which tool popped bubbles most effectively. First up, the hammer…

ImageThen the pliers…Image

Téa wanted in on the action and she tried…well, tools that didn’t work so well, but at least she was having fun.


Pliers win.



5 responses

  1. Ok, too cute. I love your family. I love your blog. I love seeing what you guys are up to. I think I made a mistake and I left 2 comments on your last entry. Well, its not like me hey to be few with the words so you get a double comment from me. oops. I guess you will be cool with it. You guys looks fun chilling out and chasing bubbles. Wish we were with you on your lovely deck.

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