Let’s Go Fly a Kite

My friend Michelle suggested, on a rather blustery day, that we try out some kite flying with the kiddos. It turned out pretty great!

Here is her amazingly gorg’ daughter having a go.




Téa and I tried our hand as well.


This is our beautiful “wind blown” look…


But I don’t think anyone had more fun than Sam did. Check out these winning smiles…



At one point he took off running toward the trees (or maybe the wind was pulling him there as it was crazy gusty), and this did lead to a rather stuck kite.


But it was “Mommy to the rescue”, and after quite some time of tugging and pulling (I was impressed by her sheer determination and unwillingness to let that kite go) it finally wriggled free, and we were off again – sending them soaring. (Yes, I have been singing this song in my head ALL DAY LONG!)



And we only had to untangle the line once or twice…or three times. 😉

ImageThanks Michelle, and Mary Poppins, for inspiring a great morning.


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