My Messy Lovey

Most of my day is spent picking up after someone. I think that is every mother’s plight. I have heard an excellent metaphor for the time spent raising young children – “It’s like shoveling in the midst of a snowstorm.” So cleaning up is not my favorite part of parenting, BUT there are some messes that I think are funny and make me smile. My daughter, Téa, is always into something, literally IN it, which means she is usually covered in something “messy”. But here are some of those messes that make me smile…






Aren’t you smiling too? 🙂


8 responses

  1. Love it Kelly!! I always remember with fondness being at Kim and Kev’s wedding and us girls watching Laura Hanlon chase Brendan around. We were all quite adamant about not being ready for that stage – and here we are right smack in it! Wish our kids could know each other, maybe one day :). Hugs to you, Frank, and the kiddos!

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