Cake Pops

These are just a yummier, cuter, bite-sized version of a birthday cake. It is simply cake crumbs mixed with frosting rolled into a ball and dipped in chocolate or candy coating on a lollypop stick. Gotta love them! They are finicky to make, take some time to bake+roll+freeze for 15 min.+dip the stick+dip the whole+decorate, and not the cheapest option as they require sticks, a styrofoam board to dry them in, and some kind of cello bag to keep ’em fresh and dust-free. On the upside, they keep for 2 weeks (because they are encased in chocolate or candy), they are scrumptious, and they are just plain fun to look at and eat. Here are some pops I’ve made – the first ones were for the Friday Wollongong market this past week and were well-received and enjoyed by many.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageIf you have a reason to pop a pop in the near future, don’t hesitate to let me know. And thank you Bakerella for putting your ingenious idea out into this world. I have been truly inspired. 


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