St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Treats

I had what I thought was an original idea of making pot o’ gold cake pops as St. Patty’s Day is in a few weeks time. I googled and found out, yet again, that there is nothing new under the sun. I did try to do my own spin on the idea. SONY DSCThe pot is chocolate mud with candy stars as the legs all dipped in dark chocolate. The pot of gold are hundreds and thousands “glued” on with royal icing and painted with edible gold glitter. The gummy rainbow candy was from the convenient store down the road from us. I liked that the rainbow was sort of suspended, coming down from the sky.


But I tried a couple of other styles as well…


Then I thought I might do some similarly-looking bikkies. I used a circle cutter and a shooting star cutter and mashed them together to get the right shape. I will admit that these cookies, for me, end up being a bit too soft and crumbly to be strong enough to handle the weight of the royal icing on the end, so I had a lot of casualties, which is so demoralizing after you spend so much time decorating them for them to break in half right at the seam when moving or bagging them. 😦


I then consulted Sugarbelle for some more Irish-inspired designs and found a slew of super cute leprechauns. She showed how you can use almost any shaped cutters to make these guys. I paired a snowman head and a flower cutter for his beard. They turned out great. Thanks again Sugarbelle, queen of cookies!SONY DSC


The market was a wash this past week – literally. There was so much rain and wind it washed away the people, and it also washed away some of my creations along with my big market umbrella…several times. Yikes! I was able to drop off a lot of these guys to a few local cafes, which was heaps good. We’ll see how they go. I pray I have the luck of the Irish. 😉 In the meantime, Happy early St. Patty’s Day!

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