Happy St. Patrick’s Day

No, this is not a repeat post. Although it might look a lot the same as the last. Now that St. Patty’s Day has actually arrived (well, this weekend), I thought I might try my hand at a few more designs using the pot of gold idea. This time I piped thick lines of chocolate and used either sprinkles or colored mini chocolate chips to create the rainbow, and this time I also managed to find little disc-shaped sprinkles (which were multicolored, so I had to pick through with tweezers to find the yellow ones, which drove my husband absolutely crazy to watch) which I used to make the piled gold in the pot. I then piped a little white chocolate in the shape of a cloud and affixed it to the rainbow with chocolate as well. I was quite pleased with these variations, and I benefited from a bit of Googling where I saw the idea of drying the cake pops upside down to flatten out the top which created the lip on the pot. So simple, but so genius.


Another project this past week was our church’s one year anniversary cake. Like a doofus I forgot to snap some pics before delivery, so here is a pic of it on the floor of the front seat of my car. Oh well.


Just to tell on myself the letters were royal icing transfers. In other words, I printed the logo out on paper, then laid parchment paper over it, and piped on that, tracing the letters. Once they had dried, I gingerly, and I mean gin-ger-ly, peeled them off and stuck them onto the cake. I am NOT that brave or able to pipe this kind of lettering directly onto a cake. The extra bonus was that I managed to only break one letter, and I had done 3 sets, so I used the extras around the base of the cake which added a lot in the end (and would not have been possible to pipe freehand). And then the candy All Sorts finished it off around the bottom and a top, which I thought fitting as our church is made up of all sorts of people, personalities, ages, etc. It was a fun one.


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      • Is this the best way to communicate with you (other than Skype)? I want to get a clear picture of what you guys are thinking/wanting in regards to us meeting you in Fiji or in Auzzie land. I think best when I write so this or email is best for me. Is this the venue… for just to ‘brainstorming’?

  1. Awesome, awesome babes! This has been so fun to catch up on (haven’t done much on my computer other than transcribe and edit for the ATS), and help with Henry (;
    Techniques, precision in execution, an eye for creating beauty, these are the elements of you! You got it all babes! Love you!

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