Finn has been excited for Easter since Christmas. No joke, he wanted to know when the next holiday was and started counting down from then. He really really likes Easter. I mean, what’s not to like about Easter. But, he REALLY likes it, anticipates it, talks about it, counts down to it. I think it is all about the egg hunt. He loves to play Blue’s Clues, Hide and Seek, and Safari (which is just when I hide animals all over the house and he gets to go and find them). So he enjoys the pursuit of something. So here is how our Easter morning went.

He tried to act super casual about it as he went looking.


But then he spots one…Image

And the true feelings come out!Image


And he sweetly helped his sister as well.Image

Now Téa’s morning went a bit differently. We tried and tried to show her how this egg hunting thing worked. In the end we handed her a few eggs and she spent the rest of the time chowing down on sugar.


Here she is saying “cheeze” for the camera, mouthful of sugary goodness.Image

And here she is about an hour later. Still going…Image

As per the tradition that we learned about here in Australia, Finn also got an Easter gift. Of course, it was Angry Birds related. He got some new characters and a giant chocolate egg.Image


One very happy boy.


Then in the afternoon we invited over Finn’s bestie and his sister to dye Easter eggs, decorate Easter cookies, and have yet another egg hunt. Rather than give a play-by-play. Here is a pictorial story of Easter afternoon.



Ok, I do have to stop and comment on how cute Téa’s black spotted eggs are. 🙂

ImageFinn and Johnny


And the boys are off…








And then we went to church in the evening. We have reached a parental milestone. We saw our kid sing in church for the first time! Finn was excited to do it, and we were excited to watch. Here is some of the cuteness.



Here he is enjoying applause.


Ok Ok, I’m done. I am now one of those snap-happy font-row moms. 🙂



2 responses

  1. The pictures are simply beautiful and precious!! I have such wonderful grandchildren whom I love soooo ver much!! God continue to bless them! Lots of love and kisses Grandma Jewel!,

  2. Oh…my…goodness! How fun! They’re just getting so big! Definitely among the cutest grandkids in the entire world! I LOVE that Finn loves Easter! I love their little hearts together. I love the fun. I love the friendships. I love you all so immensely. Warm heart, warm smiles, aaaaaaalllll over me! Beautiful Kel. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it 😀

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