Frank’s Luau Cookies/Bikkies

My hubby is not a big cake guy. He does, however, curse my name when I make sugar cookies, because he can’t resist them. He is a guy who likes to stay fit and eat healthily whenever possible. The one exception he will make is on his birthday, when he can indulge guilt-free. Soooo…here are his birthday goodies.Image

His party was luau-themed. So coconuts and grass skirts were in order. And before anyone thinks I’m a cookie creative genius, I must tell on myself and give credit where credit is due. If you google luau sugar cookies you will see all manner of people I totally swiped ALL of my ideas from. Thank you especially to SweetSugarBelle & Dessert Menu, Please for basically all that you see here.ImageImageImageImage


One response

  1. You may give credit to where the ideas came from, the work however, is totally yours to claim! Yet again, babes, WORKS OF ART! Unbelievably beautiful! Hours of investment, artistry in execution, love over a husband! You are an amazing human being! Love you so freakin’ much my warrior-princess, your God’s pure one :)…Pride, prayers and passion are yours from this Mom’s heart. Always.

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