Adventures in Bunting

So I have a new fav project! I received an order for two dozen bikkies/cookies for a horse birthday party for a cutie patootey soon-to-be 2 year old boy named Sebastian (stay tuned for those). They also requested whether I could do bunting flags in a horse theme. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE a project, so I got right on it, and discovered how greatly fun this is for me. It was time-consuming, to say the least, and I had a pretty steep learning curve in that I have never used a sewing machine (besides in home economics in Jr. High school) or iron-on adhesive or worked with cloth hardly at all. I’ve made paper bunting before. Like this one for Téa’s first birthday, so how hard could it be?Image

Anyway, even in the face of having to scout out a sewing machine I could make use of and taking multiple trips to Spotlight for supplies (I kept adding to the project, like wanting to make my own lettering to iron on and to use quilt binding instead of ribbon in the end) I actually did had a lot of fun figuring this all out, and I am totally sold on homemade custom-designed bunting. Here is the finished product for Sebastian.ImageImageImageImageAnd despite how cool and professional it ends up looking, it is actually pretty simple to do. I watched this great YouTube video I copied her instructions verbatim. And then I printed out the font that I wanted, used the printout as a “stencil” of sorts to cut around, twice. And then ironed them on. I ended up ironing the flags to the binding as well, but then decided to reinforce it with a hand stitch. I seem to always complicate the simple, but this process was done simply because I didn’t trust my sewing skills enough to believe I could stitch a straight line all the way across this thing. (The wonky sewing I did do was all hidden inside the flags when you turn them inside out, which is pretty awesome.)

So, of course, I have started looking around my house for old baby blankets and scraps of fabric to start another one. And yes, I will start on Téa’s next birthday bunting in the next few days…and her birthday isn’t until July! And yes, I know I have a problem… Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a craftaholic…


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