Sebastian’s Horses

I had some fun these past few days making these horse cookies/bikkies for Sebastian’s 2nd birthday party. Pretty straight forward, horses in two shapes in a bunch of different colors. The coolest discovery I made while making these was how effective a paintbrush is at making the manes very “hair-like”. Dragging a toothpick through the thick piping-consistency icing also worked pretty well. ImageImageThese were actually quite big in size. I’d say between 11-12 cm or 4&1/2-5 inches wide, which is fairly substantial for a cookie. And the cutters were not easy to come by. Sebastian’s mom scoured the internet (as did I), and she ended up having to order them from the US through eBay. We simply could not locate a horse-shaped cookie cutter ANYWHERE here. ??? These did end up being pretty great in the end.ImageImageThese guys were a bit smaller, but it was cool to mx it up and made my job more fun.ImageImageImageHappy days.


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