My Mom and Dad visit Australia!!!

HOORAY FOR FAMILY VISITS! My mom and dad had to be on this side of the world for work – Dad had meetings in Fiji, and Mom had half an unused ticket to Asia and a much overdue to trip to Aceh to see our adopted “family” there. Sooooo… we couldn’t let them be as close as Fiji and Indonesia and NOT have a visit. 😉

One of the first activities was a Mother’s Day picnic at Finn’s preschool. So his mom and his mom’s mom came along. 🙂 And since a picture’s worth a thousand words, I will keep my words short and pictures plentiful.Image

ImageThen there was some nail painting…ImageImageImageAnd a trip to the beach…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAnd some time at the coolest park in our area…ImageImageImageImageAnd some help tree climbing…ImageImageDaddy got some cuddles as well…ImageImageA bit of silliness…ImageLots of smiles and fun with PopPop.ImageImageImageImageImageAnd some stories…ImageImageAnd some goodbye hugs… 😦


I love you Mom and Dad, and me and my kids loved and appreciated your visit more than you will ever know.


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  1. OOOHHH YAAAAAAYYYYY! How we love you!!!…each one!!! Our hearts ache with the depth and breadth of the love and the space that is between us physically! Thank you for the pics and the memories my princess-warrior! You are carried in the innermost every day! KNOW THAT! It was an awesome time and much too short…but we are so very grateful for each touch :D. Love love love always!!!

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