Friday Market Stall


I have been trying my hand at selling my wares via a market stall in downtown Wollongong. To tell you the truth, I get a whole lot of compliments and “oohs & ahhs”, but I really haven’t made a whole lot of money as of yet. I had hoped that it would be a good networking tool as well, and I am anxiously awaiting those that have expressed real interest to contact me…soooon I hope. 🙂  I do love being a part of a community event like this, and I have met some great folk, but I may have to take a short break from it while I figure out what I should do with this cake pop, bikky, party planning dream in my life. Keep a lookout though, for those that like seeing me there, I will still try to be there at least once a month. In the meantime, you can order via phone or email or contact me through this blog, and I would still love to help you celebrate your events. And here are some examples of things I have sold there is recent days.

Image ImageImagedImageImage




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