Téa’s 2nd In the Night Garden Birthday Party




For Téa’s birthday this year we went with the theme of her favorite TV show, “In the Night Garden”. She adores these characters, knows each of their signature dances by heart, and can’t visit our local grocery store without stopping to give Iggle Piggle a visit and a cuddle/kiss (pictured on the invitation above).

So months and months ago her mommy set about collecting characters and paraphernalia from the show via eBay, local garage sales, and a community baby website. Well, it was a hit. Here are few of our birthday girl’s smiles…ImageImage

Here are some of the party elements that brought about these gorgeous smiles. I really had great subject matter to work with – so colorful, fun, and super cute characters. I had been thinking of these Tombliboo cake pops for a long time and had been collecting red and pink Tic Tacs ever since. 🙂Image

These Haahoo cookies were some of my favorite things about the party spread. Each time Téa was given one she would just walk around with it and play with it like a toy before finally giving into actually eating them.Image

One of my favorite “party moments” was when one of our good friends kids came over to me with an empty bottle of of one of these, which I think was his third or maybe even forth one, and he pronounced, “Kelly, I am FULL of Pinky Ponk juice!” Hee hee.ImageAnd here he is. 😉Image

Some pics of the main table…ImageImageImage

And the lolly table with the Tittifer Treats (birds who sing between scenes) which were, of course, gummy snakes, worms, and beans.




A homemade birthday banner hung on an Iggle Piggle/Upsy Daisy ribbon.SONY DSC


And some other treats…ImageSONY DSC

“The Pontipines are friend of mine” take-home treats. These little guys and girls are made out of styrofoam and felt. Téa loves to count these cuys over and over again, and they were a great project for Finn and I one week. He helped me with the painting.Image

Here are Mr. & Mrs. Pontipine wondering where their children are hiding.




The Tombliboos with their clothesline and hanging pants. I used backdrop from one of Téa’s toys and made the rest out of odds and ends like beads and pins and scrap fabric.

SONY DSCOf course we had to create some sort of a night garden backdrop. Here are Pipey and big brother, Finn, hanging in Upsy Daisy’s Daisy Garden. I scored when I found these huge stuffed characters online. They really brought the whole scene to life.ImageImage

And this was the Tombliboo music tent, which was just a beach shade covered with plastic grass table cloths and was filled with instruments, just like the Tombliboos who love to make Tombliboo music on the show.

Also on the program the garden is littered with these adorable flower balls which came together via recycled luau leis from my husband’s birthday, a few balls, and a hot glue gun.Image

And there were the Haahoos.SONY DSC

The buntings were In the Night Garden sheets that I ordered on eBay for super cheap and stitched together with Téa’s receiving blankets. And here is my beautiful boy sporting and Iggle Piggle shirt – he was SO excited to do this for his sister.SONY DSC

And always gotta have those bubbles – one of Téa’s fav things on the planet. Thanks dads for getting involved.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


There was some frolicking as well. Another fav party moment was when Hannah Bear did an Upsy Daisy dance in the middle of the flowers. Pure magic.


There was also some opportunity for engaging in some craft via coloring and/or gluing together a Haahoo.ImageImage

Audrey nabbed the Tombliboo and carried it around for a while. So cute.ImageImageImage

Michelle contributed some instruments and helped Callum do some strumming.Image

Finn was thrilled that his buddy Ethan came as well. They were pretending all the Jelly Beans gave them different powers – red was for fire power, blue for freezing, etc. Boys.ImageImage

Sam spent heaps of time kicking the Night Garden ball around with a smile on his face. So great.Image

Here are some pics of the kiddos enjoying some cake pops…ImageImage

And the sweetest birthday girl…ImageImageImage

A very considerate friend pulled Téa and I aside to take a quick photo op in the front garden. Thanks Jo! I love these.ImageImage

We cannot get this girl to keep a clip in her hair for anything. Still gotta love those curls though.Image

The show-stopper was the show itself – puppet show that is. Wow, I could not have anticipated how well this would go down. I found a YouTube video on how to make a puppet theater out of a big cardboard box and felt inspired. I then draped it with old curtains and made some backgrounds from scrap fabric I had (including old green pajamas actually) which I hung from a curtain rod, and then I pulled the stuffing out of some of the cheapest stuffed characters I had found (ranging from .50-$4) to use as puppets. I then ordered an “In the Night Garden” audio CD to use as a storyline. And let me tell you, it paid off in spades and is officially the cheapest most amazing party pleaser for this age group – 2-5. I have come to think that puppet shows are a lost art which should be brought back. The proof is in the pictures…ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Téa spent the whole show front-and-center with a big grin on her face reaching for the characters. Image

And check out her friend Callum’s utter delight!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Afterward, the kids all piled behind and did some shows of their own.Image


And then, of course, there was cake.SONY DSCImageSONY DSC

Here are some of the adult folk as well.ImageImageImage



Our happy girl.ImageImageImageImage

Hugs from friends.Image

And some hugs given to friends as well.Image

And a lick too…?ImageImage

Finn took over the puppet show stage with…


Optimus Prime? Hey, whatever works.Image

Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie.Image

And I close this off with a way goodbye from a tuckered out birthday girl.ImageImage


7 responses

  1. MAGIC! Absolutely magical, enchanting, pure fun for her and all!!! Seriously enjoyed by all, even the adults 😀 And Frank had an enjoyment grin on his face too…I saw ;). My! You are amazing! You have the luckiest kids in the world :D.
    Well don, well done babes! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. wow… I am just planning my daughters first birthday same theme. You put my ideas to shame haha. Yours looks amazing! Lucky little lady. Well done so much detail.

  3. Amazing! I’m planning my daughters 2nd birthday in the same theme, if you ever consider selling some of the decorations you made let me know haha!

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