Finn’s 5th!

This year’s chosen theme for Finn’s party was Angry Birds Star Wars. He might be just a little bit obsessed with these birds, but it made it so fun to turn a room into a Star Wars adventure for him.

I started by repainting last year’s backdrop (Angry Birds Space) with the different planets or levels in the game.


Then we began our craft projects together of sculpting some of the characters out of clay (like General Grievous pictures below) and Finn got to work on some serious drawings which we used to decorate the walls. Then it was onto Pinterest and such to grab some game/activity ideas. We ended up with pool noodle light sabers with bubble wands inserted and decorated with duct tape, and filling what seemed like a hundred water ballon to toss on the drive way and “wash off” the chalk stormtrooper piggies, and, of course we had to have a death star piñata to have a whack at. Food was fun as well – chocolate covered pretzel light sabers…


A lolly bar which included Cadbury Starbar chocolate bars, Starmix gummies, Angry Bird marshmallows, Fruit Chews, and phizzy pig heads and tails gummies – Chewbacca’s Chews…


I threw in some Angry Bird Star Wars cookies and Ice Pop Light Sabers…Image


To drink we had “Han Solo” Solo Soda (how perfect and Finn’s favorite!)…


For lunch we munched on pork sausages and ham sandwiches, “Join the Pork Side.”


Padmé Popcorn – also Finn’s fav snack.

And then of course there was cake! My fav part of this one is that the death star is made from rice crispy treats covered in chocolate and rolled fondant, and all the birds are edible! The kids loved biting into them like apples.Image



And here be the birthday boy with his playdough Jedi.



Our friend Hannah came dressed the part – SO CUTE!


The all-out pool noodle saber battle.SONY DSC


Washing off chalk drawings of storm trooper bad piggies with water balloons. It was super fun.SONY DSC

And here’s Pipey having a go at the Death Star piñata. SONY DSC

Take-home bags included an angry bird Star Wars figure, a chocolate Star Bar, gummy pigs and marshmallow Angry Birds, glow stick sabers, Gummy Star Mix, & Angry Bird Star Wars stickers. And everybody got to take home their pool noodle light saber/bubble wand too.SONY DSC

Happy 5th Buddy!

DSC_0017 2


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