Finn in Kindy


I have now joined the ranks of conflicted mums – on the one hand we want our kids to succeed in life, on the other we grieve that they will do it less and less under our care. We have taken the first big step with our rapidly growing little man to full-time all-day school. I had a few teary moments, mostly because I was sad to leave him when he was so disappointed that his “appointed buddy” had transferred to a different school, and so he didn’t have someone to hold his hand and walk him to the classroom like all the other kids did. He is such a trooper, though. He parked himself in the corner of the classroom, took a piece of paper, and started to draw. He handled the screw up with less negative emotion than his mother. He was eager and ready. And he was determined to make it work and make it good. 



I am so proud of him. He had a great day despite the disappointing beginning, and when we went to pick him up he filed out with the other kids waving and smiling at us all the way down the steps. All I wanted to see was that smile, and it was a super duper cheshire grin! He did, however, walk over to us ever-so-cooly and casually instead of running and jumping into our arms, and he has already asked if he can walk to school by himself next time. Sheesh, kiddo, one step at a time!







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  1. It IS a monumental milestone…there will be many more babes! I love how you know a daughter is feeling because you’ve been there so many times before too…kinda bonds the hearts more! He is an exceptional child :), as we all know, and you are an exceptional Mom…and writer (;. Nothing but love and pride in you all! So much love from Mom/Meems/MeeMom :*

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